• Levent Altıntop

Eurasian J Emerg Med 2004;3(4):6-8

Emergency department observation units are becoming increasingly used for the assessment and treatment of patients who may not require inpatient management or monitoring. Chest pain observation units can improve outcomes and may reduce costs to the health service. It seems to be more effective and more cost effective than routine care.

Patients who have negative serial electrocardiograms and enzyme testing in a chest pain unit are at low risk for short - term cardiac events. Appropriately selected patients may be discharged for subsequent outpatient testing. Low-risk patients with chest pain and without evidence of myocardial infarction may be safely discharged from the emergency department.

I believe that founding chest pain units will be useful for the following of patients without diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome and discharging of patients, and in order to avoid unnecessary hospital expenses in emergency services where the number of patients with chest pain and emergency patients number are very high, and in hospitals which have the inpatient problem in coronary unit.

Keywords: Chest pain units, patients with chest pain, emergency medicine