Original Article

Traumatic First Rib Fractures


  • Rasih Yazkan

Received Date: 24.05.2011 Accepted Date: 03.08.2011 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(1):27-30


Traumatic first rib fracture is associated with multisystem injuries, morbidity and mortality. We wish to report thoracic and extrathoracic injuries related with traumatic first rib fracture in this study.

Material and Methods:

Due to rib fractures, 162 cases were hospitalized between June 2008-April 2011, 11 (6.8%) of these cases were accompanied by first rib fracture. The first rib fracture patients were evaluated according to gender, age, etiologies of trauma, thoracic and extrathoracic injuries, diagnostic and treatment modalities, morbidity and mortality. All patients were evaluated by a multidisciplinary trauma team in the emergency department.


Eight cases (72.7%) were male and 3 (27.3%) were female, ages ranged from 27 to 67 age, the average was 36.7. All of the cases were blunt trauma. 10 (90.9%) cases included thoracic injuries, 3 (27.3%) cases had no extrathoracic injuries. There was no any vascular, neurological injuries and mortality.


The first rib fracture is associated with serious thoracic and extrathoracic injuries, but not always with vascular, neurological injuries and mortality. The trauma team must know the potential severity of the first rib fracture. A multidisciplinary approach, early diagnosis, appropriate treatment and observation in the intensive care unit may be prevent morbidity and/or mortality.

Keywords: Traumatic, first, rib, fracture