Case Report

Taenia Saginata Expulsed from the Mouth: A Very Rare Cause of Vomitting Emergency Department


  • Zikret Köseoğlu
  • Özgün Kösenli
  • Ümit Baz
  • Fatma Cömert
  • Meltem Seviner

Received Date: 23.01.2009 Accepted Date: 29.01.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2009;8(3):63-66

In this paper we reported a case of an 38-year-old man, in whom a taenia saginata was expelled through the mouth. This kind of expulsion is very rare. This case has been reported to emphasize the the differential diagnosis to be taken while handling the epigastria pain, nausea, and vomiting of patients with frequent admissions in the emergency department setting.

Keywords: Taeniasis, oral expulsion, emergency, vomiting