Original Article

Silent Cerebral Ischemia and Infarct Prevelance in Chronic Renal Failure Patients


  • Ali Sedat Kebapçıoğlu
  • Ertan Bakoğlu
  • Mehmet Ertuğrul Kafalı
  • Sadık Girişgin
  • Feridun Koyuncu
  • Metin Bircan
  • Mehmet Gül
  • Sedat Kocak

Received Date: 18.07.2011 Accepted Date: 05.12.2011 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(4):208-211


Cerebrovascular diseases are the most common causes of morbidity and mortality. The ischemic type is the most common and most fatal o among the all cerebrovasculer diseases. In patients having silent cerebral ischemia the incidence of ischemic infarction is ten times greater than in the normal population. The treatment modalities are not efficient after the cerebral infarct has occurred. For this reason academic studies are gaining importance for the determination of risk factors, primary and secondary prophylaxis, early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Cerebrovascular diseases are also the most common major causes of death in hemodialysis patients. The effect of dialysis treatment and chronic renal failure disease on the development of cerebral ischemia and infarct has not been explained, In this study we analyzed the prevalence of silent cerebral ischemia and infarct in the cronic renal failure patients having hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatment, using magnetic resonance imaging.

Material and Methods:

The study included 30 patients with hemodialysis, 40 patients with peritoneal dialysis and control group of 50 patients admitted to emergency department due to complaints other than neurological ones.


Although the case and control groups having similar demographical properties and risk factors, the prevalence of silent cerebral ischemia and infarct is determined as significantly increased in the chronic renal failure patient group.


It is determined by MR that chronic renal failure has significant effects on developing cerebral ischemia and infarct. These findings showed us chronic renal failiure is an important risk factor for developing cerebral ischemic stroke. Additional clinical and experimental studies are needed on this subject.

Keywords: Silent cerebral ischemia, chronic renal failure, cva, crf