Original Article

Review of Geriatric Patients Hospitalization in Emergency Department


  • Zeynep Kekeç
  • Filiz Koç
  • Seranat Büyük

Received Date: 22.02.2009 Accepted Date: 24.02.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2009;8(3):21-24


Old population of community is increasing fastly. Determining of frequently seen diseases and risk factors causing these diseases will reduce the disability and cure costs. In this study, we aimed to determine patient’s who is older than 65 years hospitalization ratio and which clinical services they threatened.


3851 Patients age average of 73.4 +/- 6.0 (65-102) and 1945 (% 50.5) women, 1906 (% 49.5) man who approach to Cukurova University Medical Faculty Department of Emergency Medicine between 01.01.2006- 01.12.2007 is taken to this study.


2350 cases (% 61) were hospitalized, 117 cases (% 3) refused the treatment and 36 cases (% 0.9) were died in emergency department,. Behindhand 1685 (%43.6) patients discharged from a hospital with necessary intervention and treatment. The most frequently hospitalization department were Internal medicine (n: 607), Neurology (n: 471), Coronary service (n: 405) and General surgery (n: 245) respectively.


One of the two patients who approached to the emergency department has been hospitalized and great ratios of these patients were hospitalized in coronary, internal medicine, neurology and surgery intensive care unit. Our interesting observation is the problems required surgery in this age group are not so less to underestimate.

Keywords: Geriatrics, Hospitalization, Etiology