Original Article

Patients Over the Age of 15 Years Admitted for Attempted Suicide to the Emergency Department and the Psychosocial Support Unit


  • Ataman Köse
  • Suna Eraybar
  • Beril Köse
  • Özlem Köksal
  • Şule Akköse Aydın
  • Erol Armağan
  • Fatma Özdemir

Received Date: 09.12.2011 Accepted Date: 24.02.2012 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(4):193-196


This study aimed to evaluate the demographic characteristics, methods of suicide and its causes in patients over the age of 15 years admitted to the emergency service for attempted suicide. The importance of the psychosocial support unit that has recently become active in the emergency department is emphasized.

Material and Methods:

In our study, we retrospectively evaluated the “Suicide Attempt Feedback Forms” of patients over the age of 15 years who were admitted to the emergency service of the Van Education and Research Hospital for suicide attempts between February and November 2009.


A total of 112 cases were enrolled in the study, of whom 92 were female (82.2%) and 20 were male (17.8%). The most prominent age range for suicide attempts was between 15-24 years of age (71.4%). In both sexes, the most common suicide attempt method was drug use, and family problems were the most common cause of suicide. Nearly all patients had made suicide attempts with the use of drugs/toxic substances. Suicide attempts were most commonly seen in March, April and October.


Considering the number of patients in the emergency department, a team working as a psychosocial support and crisis intervention unit with experience in suicide attempts and enough time to address this issue is important for patients to receive adequate and appropriate service. Implementation of this mechanism in an uninterrupted manner in the emergency department can contribute to the prevention of recurrent suicide attempts.

Keywords: Suicide, emergency service, psychosocial support unit, drug use