Original Article

Evaluation of Patients’ Families’ Attitudes to Witnessing Invasive Procedures in the Emergency Department


  • Gülhan Kurtoğlu Çelik
  • Ayfer Keleş
  • Ahmet Demircan
  • Fikret Bildik
  • Mustafa İlhan
  • Gül Pamukçu Günaydın
  • Mehmet Ergin
  • Nurettin Özgür Doğan

Received Date: 18.09.2012 Accepted Date: 01.03.2013 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2013;12(2):61-65


The aim of this study was to evaluate patients’ family members’ attitudes to witnessing medical care and emergency procedures in an adult emergency department.

Material and Methods:

A prospective study was performed at a university emergency department (ED) in Turkey. A survey form with the face-to-face method was used. The relationship between the patients’ family members’ answers and their sociodemographic status was evaluated. Chi square test was used and p<0.05 was considered as statistically significant.


A total of 454 patients’ family members were included in the study. Some 66.5% of them stated that their presence during invasive procedures could prevent physicians from providing optimal care and 13.4% of participants stated that being present by the patient’s side improved the physician’s performance. The question ‘Is it the patient’s right to have someone by his/her side?’ drew positive answers from 87.9% of them. A statistically significant difference was found between the level of education and the desire to witness resuscitation (p=0.002).


In this study we did in the emergency department, increasing number of family members request to witness invasive procedures on their patients. Family members also think witnessing procedures is a right of both patients and family members.

Keywords: Resuscitation, family, invasive procedures, emergency medicine