Original Article

Determinatıon of the Infl uencing Status of the Marmara Earthquake and Preparation Status For Possible Disasters of the 112 Emergency Staff In Kocaeli City


  • Hayriye Çakmak
  • Rahime Aydın Er
  • Yüksel Can Öz
  • Ahmet Tamer Aker

Received Date: 11.06.2009 Accepted Date: 13.10.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2010;9(2):83-88


Disasters causing both physical and psychological trauma to individuals are important events. In the recent past, two major earthquakes occurred in Kocaeli and its surrounding areas. These two earthquakes aff ected people living in the region and health personnel working there dyring theearthquake. Some of the personnel still continue to live in the region. This study was planned to determine the infl uencing status of the Marmara Earthquake and preparation status for possible disastersof the 112 emergency staff in Kocaeli.

Materials and Methods:

This study was planned as a descriptive cover for the Kocaeli 112 Emergency Medical staff and was carried out between 15 September 2004 and 15 November 2004. In this study, a questionnaire consisting of 46 questions was used.


92 participants attended this study. More than half of the participants were in the region during the Marmara Earthquake,with no physical trauma, but some mental trauma reactions, with a rate of 10% to 29% were observed.


This study showsthat mentallysupporting the health personnel working in the region, and at the same time informing them about disasters and working conditions in disasters are necessary.

Keywords: Preparedness for disasters, infl uence of disasters, 112 emergency staff