Case Report

Cardiac Rupture Due to Fall: a Case Report


  • Mehmet Tahir Gökdemir
  • Mehmet Karasu
  • Mustafa Burak Sayhan
  • Cemil Kavalcı
  • Özgür Söğüt

Received Date: 26.08.2009 Accepted Date: 12.10.2009 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(1):50-51

Falls commonly seen in all age groups are important causes of morbidity and mortality. Traumatic cardiac rupture due to falls is rarely seen. A three-year-old boy was admitted to our emergency department in shock with 112 ambulance. The child had fallen from a height of 20 meters. Death was seen as a result of the rupture of the right ventricle at the autopsy.

Keywords: Fall, cardiac rupture, emergency