Case Report

Brugada Syndrome: Case Report and Overview


  • Murat Yüce
  • Fethi Yavuz
  • Musa Çakıcı
  • İbrahim Sarı
  • Cuma Yıldırım
  • Behçet Al
  • Vedat Davutoğlu

Received Date: 01.04.2010 Accepted Date: 18.04.2010 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(4):245-248

Brugada syndrome is an autosomal dominant geneticl disease which is characterised by abnormal ECG and risk of sudden cardiac death. A typical finding of this syndrome is the presence of ST segment elevation in precordial V1, V2 and V3 leads with concomitant right bundle branch block on ECG. We observed that misdiagnosis or difficulty in diagnosis are generally encountered in routine clinical practice for Brugada syndrome. Herein we would like to share a typical case and overview of Brugada syndrome in the context of the latest published literature.

Keywords: Brugada syndrome, ECG , theraphy