Biyolojik savaş ajanları

  • Doğaç Niyazi Özüçelik
  • Özgür Karcıoğlu
  • Hakan Topaçoğlu
  • Mahir Kunt
  • Nazmiye Koyuncu

Eurasian J Emerg Med 2004;3(3):35-39

From the ancient times till nowadays, human being have encountered with mass destruction inflicted by certain biological agents such as plague (Yersinia pestis) and smallpox. The last quarter of the 20th century has witnessed the employment of biological disease-forming agents as weapons of mass destruction. Public health and preventive medicine institutions as well as emergency medical services system have recently confronted the need to be alert and prepared for these events which are easy to produce and deposit. This review outlines the characteristics of these agents and the contemporary management recommended in case of use of such weaponry.

Keywords: Biological Warfare Agents, NBC, antraks, smallpox, decontamination