• Erhan Akpınar
  • Volkan Eken
  • B. Münci Onan

Eurasian J Emerg Med 2006;5(3):43-44

Cervical spondylolysis is defined as a corticated and smooth marginated cleft between the superior and inferior articular facets. Differentiating spondylolysis from a vertebral fracture location can be difficult, especially in the setting of trauma.The principal imaging modalities used to diagnose cervical spondylolysis are radiography and computed tomography. Our patient had bilateral spondylolysis of the fourth cervical vertebra. Symptoms, signs, and characteristic images of patients with cervical spondylolysis are presented. Methods to differentiate cervical spondylolysis from vertebral fracture and dislocation are described.

Keywords: Cervical spondylolysis, trauma, CT