• Mustafa Serinken
  • Önder Tomruk
  • Bülent Erdur
  • Suna Soysal
  • Arif Hikmet Çımrın

Eurasian J Emerg Med 2003;2(2):48-51


Emergency medicine (EM) is one of the most stressful discipline of medicine. We aimed to determine which factors were viewed as stressful by emergency physicians (EPs) and to which extent these factors affected EPs.

Materials and Methods:

In this study, we investigated work stress factors of 113 EPs, were staffed in the emergency departments in Izmir. The EPs were asked to fill in a previously constructed questionnaire concerning work stress factors and regarding demograpic features. The questionnaire was filled in using a face-to-face manner. 'SPSS for Windows 10.0'software was used to analyze data.


The age range of the subjects was 25 to 53 and mean age (±SD) was 33.4±5.4. Male-to-female ratio was 1.82. Married-to-unmarried ratio was 3.0. Likelihood of acquired contagious disease (%97.3) and unsatisfactory salaries (%97.3) were the most commanly reported stress factors, followed by being interfered by patients' relatives (%95.6) and dealing with agitated, aggressive or hostile patients (%92.9).


Emergency physicians consider factors like unsatisfactory salaries, likelihood of acquired contagious disease, being interfered by patients'relatives, dealing with agitated, aggressive or hostile patients as stressful while working in the emergency department.

Keywords: Emergency physicians, work stress factors, demograpic features