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Case Report
A Case of Boerhaave Syndrome
1 Department of Thoracic Surgery, Dicle University Faculty of Medicine, Diyarbakır, Turkey  
Eurasian J Emerg Med ; : -
DOI: 10.5152/jaem.2014.87699
Key Words: Emesis, esophagus, Boerhaave

Transmural perforation of the esophagus following an effortful vomiting is a rare but fatal condition. This situation, known as Boerhaave syndrome, is caused by spontaneously occuring perforations. Esophagus is not resistant to reflexes such as nausea and vomiting because it lacks serosal layers. Boerhaave syndrome which consists of substantial amounts of spontaneous perforations is generally seen after emesis. Its rarity and nonspecific nature of the symptoms have made the diagnosis difficult. Immediate recognition of this potentially lethal condition is essential to ensure appropriate treatment. We present the treatment of Boerhaave syndrome in a 78 year old man who admitted with vomiting complaint to emergency department.

Key Words
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