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Patient Privacy and Confi dentiality in the Ambulance Services from the Perspective of Medical Ethics
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Evaluations on Triage Applications for Chemical Casualties in Chemically Contaminated Area
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Original Article
Evaluation of Features of Patients Attending the Emergency Department of Uludag University Medicine Faculty Hospital and Emergency Department Practices
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Evaluation of Trauma Patients Admitted to Emergency Department According to Triage Categories
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Health Professionals of Emergency Service: Evaluation of Triage and Ethical Values in Disaster Medicine
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Does Emergency Severity Index Predict Acuity Among Traumatic Brain Injury Patients?
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For Whom the Sirens Toll: A Study on an Ethical Challenge in Prehospital Emergency Medicine
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Triage Decision-Making Levels of Healthcare Professionals Working in Emergency Departments
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Satisfaction Level of Patients after Treatment Admitted to Emergency Department
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