Original Article

Esophageal Foreign Bodies; Analysis of 190 Cases


  • Murat Öncel
  • İsmail Önder Uysal
  • Kazım Gürol Akyol
  • Gökhan Darılmaz

Received Date: 10.03.2010 Accepted Date: 25.03.2010 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2010;9(4):161-162


The aim of this study was to review the hospitalized patients with esophageal foreign bodies.

Material and Methods:

In this study we retrospectively investigated 190 patient who were hospitalized and treated between November 2004 and December 2009. The patients charts were evaluated with regard to age, sex, localization of foreign body, type of foreign body, treatment symptoms and complications.


Of the patients, 100 (52.63%) were male and 90 (47.36%) were female. The mean age of the patients was 15,2 years. Location of the foreign body was at the fi rst narrow section in 87%. A metal coin was the most common foreign body detected in 85 (44.73%) patients. The second most common foreign body was a piece of meat and these were removed with a McGill clamp via direct vision. There were no complications during or after the operation.


Early diagnosis and treatment of esophageal foreign bodies is important due to the severe complications. Removing the foreign body with esophagoscopy is the most eff ective and secure treatment method.

Keywords: Esophagus, foreign bodies