Case Report

CO Poisoning without Obvious Source: a Case Report


  • Houman Haji Seyedjavady
  • Morteza Saeedi
  • Kavous Shahsavarinia
  • Pantea Ebrahimpour
  • Pouneh Pashapour

Received Date: 13.07.2010 Accepted Date: 22.10.2010 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2012;11(3):183-184

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is responsible for a great number of unintentional deaths all over the world. The diagnosis is very difficult due to its various symptoms that mimic numerous illnesses. Misdiagnosis can lead to cell death and cognitive deficits which are irreversible. Therefore, knowing the situations in which CO poisoning occurs is of great importance in clinical suspicion and evaluation. The most common ones are listed by the Centers for disease control and prevention of the United States. Although this is very helpful; we encountered some patients affected in bathrooms without any nearby source of CO production. It reflects the need for re-assessment of the other ways that CO can be transmitted. Also physicians should be alert to consider possible CO poisoning in any patient whose symptoms began after taking a bath, not only the ones near the water-heater.

Keywords: CO toxicity, bathroom, misdiagnosis