Original Article

Adult, Isolated Chest Injuries Caused by Falls From Roofs in and Around the City of Sanliurfa


  • Rasih Yazkan
  • İbrahim Ethem Özsoy

Received Date: 08.04.2010 Accepted Date: 19.04.2010 Eurasian J Emerg Med 2010;9(4):155-157


We evaluated adult patients with isolated chest injuries caused by falls from roofs in and around the city of Sanliurfa.

Materials and Methods:

Between June 2008 and April 2010, 52 adult patients with isolated chest trauma caused by falls from roofs who were admitted to the Department of Thoracic Surgery were analyzed retrospectively. Cases were evaluated according to sex, age, developing thoracic injuries, diagnostic and treatment modalities, morbidity and mortality.


Among 52 patients, 28 cases (53.85%) were males and 24 (46.15%) females. The age range varied between 17-87 years and the average was 39.8 years. 43 cases (82.69%) were detected in June, July, August and September, 9 cases (17.31%) occurred in the other months. 36 Rib fracture (69.23%), 3 sternal fractures(5.76%), 7 isolated hemothorax (13.46%), 10 isolated pneumothorax (%19.23), 14 haemopneumothorax (%26.92), 30 lung contusion (57.69%), 11 subcutaneous emphysema (%21.15) cases were seen. Tube thoracostomy was carried out in 31 cases (%59.61)and thoracotomy was done in 1 case (%1.92).


In our country, especially in the south-eastern region of Anatolia, falling from a roof in the summer months is quite common, and is a specifi c place in cases of trauma and falls from height and multiple organ injuries should be evaluated with a special emphasis.A protective and preventive approach is as important as the treatment procedure.

Keywords: Falls, roof, Sanliurfa, chest trauma